Zolos Shipping L.T.D. a senior manager of companies specializing in various aspects of crewing. Working with our collective strengths and effectively coordinating among our business units, we create and deliver business solutions in the industry. Our objective is to be recognized as a Crewing Manager that provides exceptional service to the clients we serve. We distinguish ourselves by the value we bring to our clients, which comes from our ability to leverage our greatest asset, which is our people.


Zolos Shipping L.T.D. presently manages of crew on a diverse fleet of tankers vessels, always maintained to the highest standards. We operate more than 50 tankers (Suezmax and VLCC) and have more plans for a constant increase in fleet and tonnage. This means constant new jobs and constant work for our seafarers.


Zolos Shipping L.T.D. has a lot of partners over the world. For our tanker fleet we cooperate with varios crewing in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania.


Our commitment to delivering value to our clients relies on the collective efforts of our entire team and on fostering business performance visibility through transparency. By working together, we embody our core principles: safety, integrity, accountability, commitment, excellence, and teamwork.


Here, at Zolos Shipping L.T.D., our collective efforts, like components of an engine, are strategically combined to generate our business horsepower. This horsepower has, at its roots, talented human capital in every sector of our business who believe and work every day to live by our core values. Our business is underpinned by sound commercial acumen and excellent operating and maintenance standards and is supported by a state-of-the-art information technology platform that provides appropriate intelligence for the business to make sound decisions. We execute our daily activities with a keen and thorough understanding of risk and seek to manage risk effectively.

Our Services

Сrewing services are provided by Zolos Shipping L.T.D. As a premier crewing company, we take pride in connecting skilled seafarers with reputable shipping companies worldwide

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When applying to work on ships in Zolos Shipping L.T.D. management, the candidate must pass an oral an interview in the specialty.

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There is your gateway to exciting opportunities in the maritime industry. As a renowned crewing company, we take pride in connecting skilled professionals with rewarding careers at sea

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Marlins test – a leading provider of English testing in the maritime industry. We offer you materials for self-preparation for the test, which consists of two parts: conversational test (TOSE - Test of Spoken English) and computer test (85 test questions in 60 minutes).

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More than ten years of its work in crewing market, Zolos Shipping L.T.D. has become one of the most reputable companies specializing in ship management, training and selection seafarers for the world's leading shipping companies.

Zolos Shipping L.T.D. is one of the biggest crewing manager on crewing market. Annually more than 17000 seafarers are employed on ships under foreign flags located in company management. In addition, Zolos Shipping L.T.D. has a big "quota" of more than 160 places for cadets.

Thanks to this, cadets of different maritime educational institutions are provided with sailing practice on ships under a foreign flag, which guarantees them further employment after graduation. A clear proof of the effectiveness of the work of the DP Zolos Shipping L.T.D. is the fact that many sailors who began to cooperate with the company, while still cadets, today - sea captains and senior engineers.

At the same time, all services for employment and training of seafarers Zolos Shipping L.T.D. are provided free of charge, which is especially relevant today for the introduction of the concept civilized crewing, working at the level of international standards! In addition, the company is implementing a large-scale sponsorship program with maritime training institutions in different countries - equipping them with computer and training equipment, without which is practically impossible to prepare a future officer according to high standards required today by international maritime conventions. The company operates in strict compliance with the Organization Management System in relation to quality in maritime industry, as well as in accordance with the International Labor Convention 2006 maritime shipping (MLC2006) applied in the employment and recruitment of seafarers (SRPS).

When applying to work on ships in Zolos Shipping L.T.D. management, the candidate must pass an oral an interview in the specialty, during which the captain-mentor and mechanic-mentor check the level of knowledge and skills of the candidate on the subject of navigation or ship mechanics, respectively, as well as on MARPOL issues. All officers except electromechanics, it is also necessary to pass a computer test in the specialty - ASK (Assessment of Seafarer Knowledge) developed on the Marlins platform. Recommendations for preparation for the ASK test you can download from the links below.

In this section, we present a comprehensive list of available positions in Zolos Shipping L.T.D., inviting ambitious individuals to embark on a voyage of personal and professional growth.

By offering a diverse range of positions, such as deck officers, electro technical officers, engineering officers we cater to a broad spectrum of maritime professionals, ensuring that every role is filled by the right candidate.

*Salary depends on the interview with our superintendents

Vacancy Approximately wages
Master 13 000 USD
Chief officer 10 000 USD
Second officer 4 100 USD
Third officer 2 850USD
Junior officer 1 750 USD
Chief engineer 13 000 USD
Second engineer 10 000 USD
Third engineer 4 250 USD
Fourth engineer 3 250 USD
Junior engineer 1 500 USD
El. Engineer 6 250 USD
El. Assistant 1 750 USD
Pumpman 3 150 USD
Bosun 2 450 USD
Able seaman 1 800 USD
Ordinary seaman 1 100 USD
Painter 1 000 USD
Deck cadet 350 USD
Motorman / turner 2 750 USD
Motorman 1 800 USD
Wiper 1 050 USD
Engine cadet 350 USD
Fitter 2 500 USD
Cook 2 350 USD
Messman 1 000 USD


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